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Knowing Your Eyes Shape - Hooded Eyes

Gracie Shaw

As a makeup artist, I get asked beauty questions on a daily basis.
The most common questions and comments involve eye makeup.

"I don't wear eye makeup because I don't know where to put it"
"I don't know how far to go up with the shadow"
"sometimes I apply eye shadow and then I open my eye and can't see it"
"I don't know how to put makeup on my eyes because my lid isn't that big"

Chances are, you have hooded eyes, just like me!
Look no further than the videos below. They will change your eye makeup game.

Xo Gracie

A Poem for the Modern Day Bride

Gracie Shaw

You said "Yes!".
So he put a ring on it, 
and it glistens brightly,
 like young Edward Cullen,
 in the morning sunlight.
It's a white diamond.
Everyone shrieks!
Call mom.
Call dad.
Get Excited.
Call siblings and loved ones.
Instagram your proposal pics.
#engaged #mybestfriend #isaidyes!
Snap-chat engagement pic to BFF, captioned with "AHHHHH I'm engaged!!!"
Choose MOH and BM's
 FB status = "Engaged".
Pick wedding date.
Pick groomsmen.
Say yes to dress.
Make a guest list.
Filter the guest list. 
Filter the guest list again.
Invite ppl you don't want to.
Is there "Valencia" for this list?
Valencia makes everything better.
Open up "Essential Wedding Planner".
Find a makeup artist. Find photographer.
Find a hairstylist. Choose linens. Book caterer.
Pick venue. Drink wine. More wine. Too much wine...
Decide to get a wedding planner after all. Google Search.
Pick some china and decorations, then empty savings account.
Send out invitations and thank MOH for licking 100 sparkly envelopes.
Thank BM's for the shindigs they planned. Delete embarrassing photos from ln.
Crazy uncle Mike will be DJ-ing as a gift...How nice of him to do so, this should go well...
Go and get some nice whisky, and cuff links for uncle Mike as a thank you gift. Empty
Grab wine, since you're already at the LCBO. Maybe some Baileys too...THE dress is being altered,
for the 3rd time.
Stress out.

Watch twilight, and eat chips since you worked out.
He does really sparkle.
Bridesmaids dresses? check!
The BM's hate them, 
which means they're perfect. ;)
Shoes look fabulous,
Especially under the dress!
It's wedding day!!! 
#weddingday #bride
Need something to borrow...
Need to find something blue...
Facebook Status Update: "Anyone have old sentimental jewellery for me to borrow?"
Edited to add: "Anyone have old sentimental blue jewellery for me to borrow?"
Write speech while getting hair and makeup done.
Drink Mimosa.